Say Goodbye to Joint Pain: Reasons for Your Stiffness and Pain and How to Solve It

Do you often suffer from joint pain?

Is it possible to truly feel your best at any age or stage of your life? Yes, it is. You may hear some people saying they are feeling sore or stiff from joint pain and it is a normal part of the aging process. You may also notice some people complaining of the diseases they are getting from aging.

However, the stiffness and pain you are suffering from are not only because of aging. There is something wrong with your system. There are root causes as to why your body hardens or stiffens over time, and that is nothing to do with your age.

Reasons for Your Stiffness and Pain


If you are injured in the past, a lot of the current pain you are feeling may be from the old trauma that is not dealt properly. When the body experienced impact trauma injury before, it can stay active in the body for years and can create stiffness to get your attention.


Pay attention to your neck and shoulders when you are put under pressure. You can express pain in your neck and shoulders when the stress levels are high. The body’s natural stress response is designed to immediately respond when you are faced with fear. If you are not taking time to detox and recharge, pain and stiffness may occur.


According to studies, the pain can be both psychological or emotional. When it is because of repression, the body uses your own muscles to hold back emotions. The chronic pain that you are suffering from may be linked to emotional or psychological stress that you are surprised.

Gelatin to Relieve You From Joint Pain

One of the well-known foods that can relieve you from joint pain is GELATIN. Gelatin contains collagen, a protein in the body that gives your skin youthfulness, strength, and elasticity. Once collagen comes to your tendons and joints, it acts as a glue that holds them together, minimizing the weakness of your joints.

Collagen from gelatine can also make your hair stronger and thicker, makes your skin glowing, and promotes healthy and strong nails.


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