Important 17 Ingredients to Lose Weight

Are you tired of exercising and avoiding your favorite food, but still can’t lose weight and still gaining more?

Maybe the main problem is because of the ingredients you use to put in cooking dishes, Barni Alejandro-Rennebeck said.

Barni Alejandro-Rennebeck is a cookbook author, TV host and celebrity chef who said about this.

Chef Barni Alejandro-Rennebeck collaborates the ingredients she used in the launch of personal care store Watsons’ Get Active campaign. She enumerated it in her Sexy Chef kitchen and tells how these can help you to maintain your sexy figure like her and also her sister named Rachel Alejandro (a singer).

Next time you come to a grocery store, make sure you have these ingredients for you to weight-loss

1. Lemon juice – lemon juice helps in the liver to metabolize fats and detoxifies the body.It helps us in burning more fats and gives us a sexy figure of sexy waist.

2. Honey and Yellow mustard– is cancer-fighting and antibacterial combo ingredients aside from providing sweetness and flavors to our food.

3. Coco sugar or coco nectar – A vitamin-packed sweetening alternative for the diabetic.

4. Olive oil – Good for the heart and for Mediterranean dishes

5. Parsley – It makes your dishes look brighter and more appetizing. It is also anti-bloating and flattens the tummy.

6. Violet cabbage – Add to your salads for brightness. It is also high in vitamin C and in fact, has more vitamin C than oranges. The violet pigment contains cancer-fighting antioxidants.

7. Cucumbers – It will add a nice crunch to your food. It is hydrating, especially during summer. It flattens the belly, prevents water retention and is low in calories. So, if you feel bloated, slice cucumbers, put them in your water bottle and leave it overnight in the refrigerator. Drink it to fight water retention.

8. Romaine lettuce – It has more vitamin A than carrots and has omega-3s for brain development and a healthy heart.

9. Cherry tomatoes – These have more lycopene than big tomatoes.

10. Black olives – These will give natural saltiness to your food. They provide the same benefits as olive oil, so they are also good for the heart.

11. Feta cheese – It has a creamy, natural saltiness so a little goes a long way. It has fewer calories and fat than other types of cheese.

12. Nuts like walnuts – A good substitute for meat

13. Rolled oats – These are less processed than regular oats. Since it lessens bad cholesterol in the body, it is good for the heart. Soak it in milk to soften.

14. Chia seeds – This superfood from South America contains a lot of omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for the heart, for lowering bad cholesterol and for preventing belly fat storage. Chef Barni said people who consume more omega-3s are thinner according to studies, and chia seeds have more Omega-3s than a salmon gram per gram.

15. Almond milk – It is good for lactose intolerance as it easily gets digested and causes no inflammation. Chef Barni recommended avoiding dairy for at least three days if you have to fit into a dress.

16. Cocoa powder – It is a good substitute for milk chocolate because it has no fat and no sugar. Mix it with cinnamon.

17. Bananas – These add a nice creaminess to your food without feeling too heavy on the stomach. It is high in B vitamins and potassium.

Chef Barni reminded that when it comes to choosing ingredients like fruits, vegetables, and seafood, “the more colorful, the healthier.”



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Important 17 Ingredients to Lose Weight

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