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How to Lose 10 Pounds in a Week

Health and wellness have different ways to indicate that the quest for a strong body is indeed attainable. One of these is the easy to  follow steps on how to lose 10 pounds in a weekBut, prior to this interesting discussion lots of health conscious individuals have closely associated a senseless notion that dieting is all about starvation and feeding routines that unconsciously cause torture to both mind, body and soul. In so doing, a sexy figure is miraculously achieved.

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The how to lose 10 pounds in a week includes your strong conviction to sacrifice by making the necessary adjustments to your diet and lifestyle. In  other words, a doable healthy diet plan is the initial step to undertake. This is the fastest route in shedding some unwanted pounds. To begin with,  the RIGHT CALORIE COUNT should be a  part of your health agenda. However,   your food’s adequate ingredients must not be taken for granted. Simply because, these components will provide you with the mechanisms that will facilitate the normal functioning of your body as a whole. Generally, alcohol intake is strictly prohibited if you are really serious in losing weight.

Likewise, do not indulge yourself in eating cookies for snacks. Their sugar content will ruin your how to lose 10 pounds in a week target. Moreover, gluten-enriched food should be religiously avoided. Ultimately, here’s a seven-day diet sample that you might want to try without regrets. The main composition of this pound reduction program is primarily comprised of fresh fruits, veggies and exercise. Jot down this daily menu  plan as your guide and reference for a SLIMMER YOU in just seven days.

How to Lose Weight in 7 Days (Menu Plan from Monday to Sunday)


Prepare yourself to engage in a fruit diet galore. Be sure to buy some bananas, apples, grapefruits, pineapples and watermelons. Similarly, it is best to limit your calorie count to 1200 no more, no less. For breakfast, drink only a cup of black coffee with no sugar, an apple and an orange. If  you are going to eat your lunch, a glass  of freshly-squeezed orange, a bowl of fruit salad and a  serving of grapefruit juice will never let you down to possess a slimmer figure.

If your stomach still craves for some dinner, the ideal one should be a tomato salad with basil and mint with a little olive oil. Midnight snacks? Have a cup of diced watermelons. This is less than 50 calories.

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Call this one as veggies day. There is no specific limit insofar as to the type of veggies that you want to eat. Raw or boiled? It does not matter at all. To jump-start your day, drink some carrot  or beet smoothie. Have it with a  dash of lemon to remove the earthly kick. Moreover, make other delicious smoothies to keep you energized all day. Bread  lovers for breakfast must make it a habit to consume a slice of whole grain bread with tomatoes, kosher salt basil and pepper. This is a nutritious meal to help you get through with  your how to  lose 10 pounds in a week health regimen. Lunch? Well, its so simple. a huge bowl of spinach is an interesting option. Veggies  are beneficial to weight loss because of their low calorie characteristic. Dinner is never a big deal because baked potatoes are too good for you.


How to lose 10 pounds in a week is a perfect combo of veggies and fruits. Speaking of the many unique ways to eat them you can consume them the way they were, boiled or according to your preference. Upon waking up, make some smoothies, combine them with yogurt that is low in fat. Of course, almonds will be included  for a healthy and satisfying breakfast. Meanwhile, your  lunch should never include potatoes. Season your dish based on your desires. Have you ever tried a serving of grilled fruits for supper? This really extraordinary. Drink plenty of water and a cup of unsweetened green tea.


Your nutritious menu on this day is composed of eight bananas, milk and soup. A more detailed menu to lose some excessive pounds must follow this framework. A glass of refreshing milkshake for breakfast with berries and nuts add some exotic flavor. Lunch time starts with a hot vegetable soup.  For its special variety, you can choose between tomato and cabbage soups. Dessert comes with some milkshake or a banana. Your dinner is not complete without a bowl of veggie soup and milkshake.


As you get closer to your goal of having a gorgeous body, do not hesitate to combine fruits and veggies again. However, these super-foods must have some rice. To avoid any confusion, here’s  how to do it. Fruits for breakfast, veggies  and rice for the next succeeding meals. For this  particular meal,  brown rice is suggested. Veggies wise, have a taste  of mushroom risotto.


On your sixth day, you must eat veggies and rice. A generous serving of soup can be included too.

How to lose 10 pounds in a week


The homestretch of your weight reduction strategy  is not so difficult to accomplish. All you need to do is to repeat the procedures as stated in the Saturday meal plan. Upon the successful completion of this 7-day meal strategy to lose weight, look for your weighing scale and see how your body did its work to transform your physique. To maintain what you had started do some exercise routine like cleaning your house and walking everyday.




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