How to Get Rid of Stomach Gas

Have you experienced an irritating stomachache like you are bloated and in excruciating pain? Stomach gas is a normal part of digestion process, but extra gas accumulation in the stomach may cause discomfort and pain. What are some of successful ways on how to get rid of stomach gas? Before learning the cure, you must learn first the causes of this phenomenon.

We always have a remedy for that, though learning the causes will help you to avoid food or some things that can cause extra stomach gas. Learning the ways on how to get rid of stomach gas will help you learn the actions to do when another accumulation of stomach gas occurs.

What are the major causes of stomach gas?

  • Undigested food. It is important to digest the food properly. When foods intake were undigested, it enters the colon where it gets fermented by the bacteria. Once the process of fermentation occur, it causes stomach gas that makes you bloated throughout the remaining hours of the day.
  • Too much intake of high fiber products. Fiber is an important remedy for bowel movement but too much intake also causes stomach gas accumulation because digestive system find it hard to process the fibers intake.
  • A person is intolerant of food. This can cause stomach gas accumulation.
  • Consumption of carbonated drinks. This is one of the main causes of stomach gas. It also leads to acidity. Once you are acidic, there is more possibility that gas accumulate through your stomach.
  • Constipation. This is one of the common reasons of bloating and stomach gas.

What are some of the symptoms of stomach gas?

  • Bloating. When gas accumulate through your stomach, bloating is one of the main symptoms. This causes discomfort and pain. At times, bloating is also embarrassing.
  • Frequent gas passing. True, too much gas passing is a serious and embarrassing moment especially when you are outdoor with people around you. Too much stomach gas causes frequent gas passing.
  • Retching. When there is an extra stomach gas, you may feel that you want to vomit or almost vomit.
  • Pricking pain in the chest. Stomach gas doesn’t just give you stomach pain but also a pricking pain in your chest. Have you experienced that kind of your pain? You may start to check other symptoms if you have an extra stomach gas.
  • Poor appetite. You may feel that food doesn’t attract you even you feel hungry. When having extra stomach gas, it causes you to reject any food intakes.

Stomach gas is often normal but too much gas pain sometimes need additional attention. At times, it is more than these symptoms of stomach gas. If there are underlying symptoms and pain you are going through that you think is beyond normal, you may visit your doctor to check the real reasons behind the gas pain. Gallstone, appendicitis, and other stomach illness sometimes have the same symptoms. It is better to have check-up to avoid severe health problems.

How to Get Rid of Stomach Gas?

Now we are here to the climax and begin to learn how to get rid of stomach gas. At times, it is easier to learn the basics than making things complicated by using variety of medicines that causes another pain. To ease the pain caused by excess stomach gas, follow these remedies:

  1. Lie down. When feeling discomfort, all you have to do is to lie down, and hold your head uplifted. Maintain this position until the discomfort is gone.
  2. Increase water intake. Water fluid is important to help the undigested food down to the colon and out to the system. Also, when having high-fiber intake, drinking another glass of water helps the undigested ingredient to go to your colon which accumulate more gases.
  3. Chew the foods slowly and thoroughly. One reason why stomach gas accumulate is the poor indigestion of food. Proper digestion is an important factor for a healthy stomach. When eating, chew the food thoroughly to help your digestive system lessen their work. It also prevent extra gas to your stomach.
  4. Add mustard to your food. Mustard is a simple and effective flatulence remedy to get rid of your stomach gas. Buy mustard and keep it on your fridge. Take a spoonful of mustard when experiencing stomach gas.
  5. Use Indian Spices. Some of them are Turmeric, Cardamom, and Cumin. You can find it in supermarket or spice stores.
  6. Exercise. Do not neglect the power of keeping your body active. It also helps your digestive system to do their work properly.
  7. Use Baking Soda. In a hot water, pour a spoonful of baking soda. It also brings great benefit to your digestive system.

how to get rid of stomach gas with baking soda

Now that you learned how to get rid of stomach gas, you should also make way to do these things for prevention and cure. Stomach gases may be a normal phenomenon but it causes discomfort and pain. Observe your lifestyle and diet to avoid from stomach discomfort.

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