Haritaki – King of Herbs

Haritaki is commonly named as black or chebulic myrobalan. It is come from South Asia from India and Nepal and can also see in the Southwest China, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and in Vietnam. Haritaki can grow up to 98 feet tall with a trunk of 1 meter in diameter.

Many of the physical benefits of Haritaki is on the gastro-intestinal tract. Science proves that having a good condtion in your gastro-intestinal tract and vibrant healthy stomach means that all the organs are performing well. This in turn means that the rest of the body receives blood that has nutritional value, and therefore enhances optimal performance.

According to the beliefs that Haritaki is able to cure blindness and prevent malignant tumors. It is also commonly used in Tibetan Traditional Medicine.  Due to their believes the Indians called it “ Divine Fruit” and other called it the “King of Herbs”.


Haritaki Health Benefits

1. Control High Cholesterol

According to the studies it may curb high cholesterol. It helps to reduce total cholesterol in mice.

2. Oxidative Stress

The King of Herbs also fights oxidative stress and helps to improve antioxidant in the kidneys.

3. Metabolic Syndrome

It can also use in treatment of metabolic syndrome based on the study of Phytotherapy Research.

4. Cavities

Haritaki can also be used as mouthwash that will help to prevent cavities.

Haritaki can also clean our urinary tract that can reduce infections. It can also help in Weight loss and treatment to the Diabetes. It believes also that can cure Skin problems when you used it as cleanser. It also makes the heart muscle strong to avoid Heart illness. It cures also the enlarge livers and prevent people from having jaundice or hepatitis.




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