6 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Put Eggshells in Garden

Egg is one of the main breakfasts of different people with variety of cultures. You may cook eggs several times in a week for it is simple to prepare in the morning. But did you know that aside from the yolk and white of an egg, there is still a part of it that has an important role in a certain area? Have you heard that eggshells in garden have a good use?

As you go further in this article, I will give reasons why eggshells should be preserved than throw it away. In the recent years, little did people know that eggshells has good use that make it literally amazing!

Why use eggshells in garden?

1.) Eggshells in garden are good fertilizers. Gardeners often use commercialized fertilizer to make the soil fertile to make the plant grow healthy and strong. However, you should balance the cons and pros of this kind of fertilizer. Commercialized fertilizer are expensive and has chemical that is not good to our environment and health.

Do you have egg shells in your home? Why don’t you try to change your fertilizer now? Egg shells are free and it does not contain any chemical. Calcium is important factor to make the cell walls of the plant healthy and strong.

To prepare the egg shells, use grind or mortar and pestle, then spread it into the soil where you are planting. Together with the egg shells, you can also mix coffee ground that is rich in nitrogen and help the soil to be more fertile together with the plant. This organic fertilizers will absolutely change your mind when choosing fertilizer. Organic fertilizers are still the best than commercialized fertilizers.

2.) Deer hates the smell of an egg. Have you experienced that the uninvited deer went into your garden and eat your crops and plants? You might have remember how irritating it was that the plant you’ve been taking care of for a long time suddenly disappeared because of your uninvited guest. You don’t have to worry anymore. All you need to do is to have eggshells in garden and use it to shoo the deer away.

3.) Do good deeds for birds for a while. Birds needs a lot of calcium before and after they lay eggs. It’s indeed a good idea to feed them once in while by using smashed egg shells. In a feeder, you can spread the smashed egg shells in a feeder to attract the birds and finally feed them. The better season to do this is during spring and summer.

Take note that before doing this, the eggs to be used should be sterilized in a boiling water. Doing a good deed to animals will surely bring back good things to you, and those birds will thank you.

4.) Eggshells are good use for seed-starter. I mentioned just a while ago about egg shells in garden making it as fertilizer for crops and plants to ensure the quality of plant. Now, you’ll learn that egg shells can be used for seed-starter pots. Aside from its cute appearance, it makes a good fertilizer for a seed-starter.

eggshells in gardenHow to do this? First, make sure that the egg breaks perfectly when you’re planning egg for your menu. Just crack a little hole on the top of an egg. After using the egg, clean the shell and puncture a small hole at the bottom of the egg. You can now put moist potting soil and add your seeds.

When after few weeks, you see the seeds grow and turn into plant, now it’s time to put it in a larger pot without removing the egg shells because it is a good fertilizer for your plant.

5.) Eggshells in garden can be pest-deterrent. Yes, I know how irritating it is when pests come over and ruin all the plants you’ve been working hard with for a long time. I got a solution for you to get rid of these pests you’ve been cursing. Try sprinkling coarsely-crumbled egg shells to deter pests like snail and slugs. These crumbled egg shells prevent the pests to cross the barrier where it lead to your plants.

6.) It also serves as decoration at your garden. Finely ground egg shells gives good impact to your home. It doesn’t only serve as a protection to your plants and crops but also brings additional beauty to your garden. If you’re regularly eat eggs at your home, better preserve those egg shells to serve them as decoration at your place.

Make sure to boil the eggshells before smashing it. If you make good enough collections of these egg shells, sprinkle it around and between your plants and crops. Now, it brings great accent to your garden, and at the same time you are also helping the nature – not just that – you save money by leaving those commercialized fertilizers aside. Eggshells in garden is the brightest idea you could ever have.

Preserve eggshells, save your plants, save your money, and have aesthetic garden that you ever wanted!




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