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Losing your bowel in a hard pace is suffocating. Constipation is being experienced by many, and has many causes and symptoms. Constipation is normal at times, for you may also experience it from time to time but I have natural remedy, which is the best natural laxative, to help you lose your bowel naturally.

What are some symptoms of constipation? As you know, it is an abnormal bowel movement but there are other symptoms linked to constipation:

  • Swollen belly or belly pain
  • It seems not all bowels come out
  • Throwing up

Constipation has causes you need to consider before proceeding to our natural remedies:

  • intake of medicines
  • not having enough movement
  • dehydrated
  • less fiber
  • colon cancer
  • having some illnesses
  • dietary supplements

As we learn the different causes of constipation, you must take keen actions and careful observation when buying medicines and other dietary supplements. As you buy some dietary supplements, you’ll observe the frequent bowel movement which can also cause dehydration. The continuous use of some dietary supplement may cause abnormal bowel movement or constipation afterward you use it.

Using other medicines – even laxative medicines – may cause you diarrhea instead of having a normal bowel movement. Why won’t you try my new researched best natural laxative to release all irregularities in your body? Nothing you will lose when you try this natural remedy the doctors in Quebec discovered which is called homemade jam. As you go further in my blog, I will teach you the right way to make the homemade jam.

If in any case, you think that the constipation you are going through is not normal and cause of some illness or disease, go consult your doctor first. You can proceed to make the best natural laxative – homemade jam later.

Try this best natural laxative, and feel the convenience when you lose bowel naturally.

What do we need to make homemade jam – the best natural laxative?

  • 150 g pitted dates (1 cup)
  • 150 g prunes (1 cup)
  • 5 mugs of water which is boiled (less if you want the jam to be thicker)

Procedure: (Preparing the right way of preparation saves you time.)

  1. Prepare water to boil.
  2. Cut the dates and prunes into small pieces and put it in the boiling water.
  3. When the mixture become dense, you can turn off the fire and pour the mixture in a jar to preserve it.
  4. Now, you have the homemade jam to help with your abnormal bowel movement. This recipe will provide 20 tablespoon of serving. This best natural laxative homemade jam is perfect for any ages. You can put this recipe in your cereal, yogurt or anything you like.

How To PrepareThe Best Natural Laxative

What is the secret behind this recipe? We used 2 main ingredients – which are dates and prunes.

  • Dates – This fruit is rich in dietary fiber that prevents the absorption of LDL cholesterol absorption in the gut. For the reason that it is rich in fiber, it works as one of the best laxatives. It also bring a good effect in your colon that prevents it from cancer-causing chemicals binding to it in the colon.
  • Prunes – The same component it has as Dates is its fiber content. Aside from its fiber contents, there is still one component, which is the sugar alcohol called sorbitol. In one serving of prunes, there are 15 grams of sorbitol. This sorbitol is incompletely digested and fermented by bacteria in the gut. It also draws or supply water in the gastrointestinal tract that can both improve the bowel movement.

If you are experiencing through constipation, you have to take actions because normal bowel movement is important to our health. Abnormal bowel movement will cause you pain and bloating. Not emptying your bowel in a day will cause you physical and psychological trouble.

We need to release the toxic in our body every day to maintain our physical health. If toxics get accumulated inside our body, immune system gets weaker. It also brings great effect to menstrual cycle and sexual functions. Leaving the waste materials in your body may cause drowsiness, fatigue, and being irritable in a day.

Normal bowel movement is also important to your colon and gastrointestinal functions. So, if you think that constipation is not a real problem, you need to think straight to consequences when bowel movement wouldn’t be normalize.

Trying our best natural laxative is a good idea to get through a full struggle of constipation. It is a great feeling when all the toxics in your body will be released. Your body and health will also thank you for doing such actions. Taking care of your colon and gastrointestinal functions will lead you a better health.

Try this homemade jam – the best natural laxative ever – and say goodbye to struggling constipation!




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