Amazing Nail Art Design Just By Using Toothpick

Commercial nail arts gone too far for promoting their fancy products that caught the interest of thousands of people. Yes, admit it that numerous ladies are fond of fancy nail and beauty enhancer products. Nothing is wrong with enhancing our beauty, right? But let me tell you that there is a way to nail art that doesn’t hurt your budget.

[boombox_dropcap style=”primary” font_size=”48px” class=”class-name”] N [/boombox_dropcap] ail ridges, no more! Do you have this kind of nail problem? We have a solution for that. Remember that if you polish more the nail ridges, it will look thicker and worse than without the polish. To make nail ridges less noticeable, apply ridge filling base coat.

Going to salon to fix or decorate your nails is truly exhausting to your budget. Aside from the money you will spend going to salon, you have to extra careful to newly polished nails, because if you don’t, the money you spent will just go to waste. For every single move you make, you have to avoid your nails from touching every object, even your hair!

What if I say that you don’t have to hurt your budget anymore to go to your favourite salon every now and then? Yes, you can avoid spending lots of money by using clean toothpicks as an alternative to your nail polish art.

How to practice designing your nail

  • First, go with the basic nail art. But before you do so, practice by using nude polish colour and apply it in your nail. Let it dry.
  • Second, if the polish becomes dry, dip the toothpick to white nail polish, and make dots of white along the tips of your nail. This serves as your practice.
  • Third, complete the white nail polishing. Let it dry.
  • Fourth, use different colours of nail polish. Dip the toothpick to the nail polish and experiment with different dot sizes.
  • Fifth, use the top coat to make the nail art look shiny. Let it dry.

To continue practicing, you can create your own nail art designs. You can combine two colours and creating a swirling design using clean toothpick. Every designs are up to you.


DIY Spider Web Nail Art

This nail art is one of the easiest and basic designs of nail art. You can choose your desired shades and colours with this nail art, but if you want to make it look like more of Spider web, choose black and white.

Step 1:

Spider Web Nail Art 1

Apply the base coat and let it dry, then put the black nail polish after. Let it dry again for 1-2 minutes.


Step 2:

Use the clean toothpick to draw the white lines. Dip it into the white nail polish, then, start to draw diagonally starting from the corner to the end of your nail.

Step 3:

Across the diagonal lines, draw the curve lines to start a little touch of spider web.

Step 4:

Draw the curve repeatedly as you desire.

Step 5:

After completing to draw the curve lines, let it dry for few minutes. Start to polish the nails for the top coat. Apply this to every nail to seal the nail polish designs.

Now you have your Spider Web Nail Art!


Polka Dot Nail Arts

If you are just a beginner with nail art design, this is the most basic design to work on. Just like the above example of nail art, you need the same materials, except for the colour if want more colourful design or put the same colour as the above example.

Step 1:
Remove the former nail polish using nail polish remover, and shape your nail using your nail cutter. Just be careful not to make the nail too short, because nail arts look better with longer nails.

Step 2:
Apply you nail with the base coat, then, let it dry for 1 minute.

Step 3:
Apply bold colour of nail polish. Let it dry.

Step 4:
Dip your toothpick on your dark nail polish, then, apply it on your nail. Let it dry.

Step 5:
To complete the procedure, use the top coat for finishing touch. Now, you have a glamorous nail art design.

16 Simple Nail Art Designs Using a Toothpick

[su_quote]Learning nail art design is not a waste of time. Instead of spending huge amount of money to salon, you can do it yourself, and believe me, you can save more money than you expected. More than that, art is a good practice for our brain. This is what you called hitting two birds with one stone. With just using toothpick, “ta-da!” you can have a glamorous nail art designs simply made by you.[/su_quote]




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