6 Easy Ways to Hand Hygiene

It is better to immunize ourselves from germs, diseases, infections, and viruses. The key to maintaining cleanliness is having a Personal Hygiene because we are prone to Pollution and dirt in public places.

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Due to lack of hygiene, over 1.4 million cases of infections estimated by World Health Organization or WHO. World Health Organization told people to always wash their hands because it is very important to prevent germs and diseases. This is the ever first thing to do and make it as a habit. Use sanitizer too after washing your hands with soap and water.

Here are the 6 ways to have a good hygiene

1. Wash your hands regularly:

The most effective way of staying healthy and protecting yourself from various diseases is always hand washing. Wash and scrub hands with soap for 30 seconds together with the spaces of the fingers and nails. Turn the tap using a towel or using your elbows not your hands.

2. Using Automatic Soap Dispensers:

Automatic Soap Dispensers is better for use in kitchens, schools, bathrooms, restaurants, hospitals, hotels and offices. It helps to protect the liquid soap from being contaminated and having an infection from the environment. It helps to reduce germs and bacteria too.

3.Use a Sanitizer:

Aside from using soap, sanitizer is advisable to in the proper hygiene of the hands. It is advisable to also use a good antimicrobial hand sanitizer with ingredients like Hrivera, lemon, Ushira, and neem. ; lemon helps protect the skin from oxidative damage and itching; Hrivera, a strongly aromatic herb, has antibacterial, deodorizing and cooling properties; Ushira is an astringent which also helps remove excess heat; while neem has antimicrobial properties.

4. Dry Hands Always:

Dry your hands properly after washing your hands.Make sure to wipe your nails and fingers before continuing your task.Base on research, wet hands shows that bacteria tend to spread faster.

5. Trimmed your nails:

Make sure you always trimmed your finger nails and clean it regularly – Cut your nails after taking a bath while it’s soft and easy to trim. Proper cleaning and trimming of finger nails can prevent the spread of diseases. Never use an artificial nail for a long time because it can cause infections and can contaminate your nails after.

6. Avoid Sneezing using your Hands:

Always use handkerchief or tissue when sneezing. When you sneeze using your hands, you spread viruses and germs to people that surround you. Just one sneeze into your hands produces more than 40,000 droplets of moisture and millions of virus and germs.Take a distance of 32 feet from people when sneezing.

Follow this simple proper hygiene to prevent spreading diseases that come from germs and viruses.



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6 Easy Ways to Hand Hygiene

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