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10 Zero-Calorie Foods That Help You Lose Weight

The foods that we will mention below does not necessarily means that the food is literally zero-calorie, but it means that the foods contain scant amount of calories that that when the energy you releases by eating them cancels out the calories. Whether this statement is true or false, but the reality is the following foods contain small amount of calories that doesn’t add much to your calories intake in a day.

The following food contain calories not more than 50 per 100-gram serving. Each of these foods has fewer than 50 calories per 100 gram serving. Chicken breast contains 172 calories in every 100-gram serving while these foods were ranked low in calories.

  • Celery

Total Calories per 100g serving: 16


When you eat celery, it’s like you’re not eating anything that makes it zero-calorie. The water inside the celery seems like that this food exist to hold this. When you see celery, you will likely to think about the peanut butter or cream-based inside but because you are tracking down your calories, you should avoid these.

  • Oranges

Total calories per 100g serving: 47


Compared to other fruits, oranges are low in calories and it also contains Vitamin C. The main point of eating low-calorie foods is not to cut out entirely the calories but to intake lower than normal calories. When you want to create a caloric deficit, eating oranges will help you into success.

  • Cabbage

Total calories per 100g serving: 25


Cabbage is well-known for being anti-cancer and also prevents heart diseases, and aside from that, cabbage helps to neutralize weight. You don’t have to worry that the cabbage is not literally zero-calorie because with its low-calorie content, the moment you start to do your normal motions, the calorie will just be cut off. One way to eat cabbage is by cooking it cabbage soup.

  • Asparagus

Total calories per 100g serving: 20


Asparagus mostly added to salads and side dish to variety of meals. It has fibers that makes satisfy our hunger and does not add much on the calories you intake. Asparagus is well-fitted to grilling or steaming. Just make sure that when you grill or add it into the salad, moderate the addition of oil or butter because these ingredients have more calories.

  • Beets

Total calories per 100g serving: 43


Beets are containing betalains that is great for your body. Betalains is one of the antioxidants that gives the food’s color and can be only found in some foods. When using beets, it’s much better if you eat it fresh by steaming, boiling, or grilling. You can make pickled foods but take note that it will also add to your calorie intake by adding up more ingredients.

  • Cucumber

Total calories per 100g serving: 16

Zero-calorie foods-Cucumber

Even you eat more cucumbers, the calories intake will just be minimum. It’s not really surprising that cucumbers have low calories when we know that it contains too much water which is good to everyone’s health. Cucumbers are likely used to salads to make good adornment and also add to its taste. When you add this cucumber to your everyday lifestyle, then your weight will gain your favor.

  • Lemons

Total calories per 100g serving: 29


Lemons can be used anywhere you like. You may use it to your recipes or you can make lemon juice. You don’t have to worry adding it up to your food for it has very low calorie content. Lemon has contents that keep your body healthy. It has alkaline and it is an antioxidant food. You can sprinkle lemon on top of fish and you can add lemon to your water.

  • Cauliflower

Total calories per 100g serving: 25


Aside from the cauliflower low-calorie content, it has healthy benefits like being anti-inflammatory food and also helps the digestive system and cardiovascular. To the calorie chart, cauliflower is one of the lowest rank of calorie content. It also helps to lose weight and you can lose the calorie easily just by doing something.

  • Mushrooms

Total calories per 100g serving: 38


You can add mushrooms to your dishes without worrying that the calorie would be high because the calorie of mushrooms is lesser than 50 per 100grams. You can use them as a replacement to high calorie beef in your mushroom burgers.

  • Watermelon

Total calories per 100g serving: 30


Despite of its natural sweetness, watermelon has low calorie content. Other than this, watermelon is also a good antioxidant source that helps your health in better ways and it also regulates your body weight by boosting your metabolism. Although watermelon is the sweetest among the list, it is still ranking low in calories but just don’t go overboard on portion sizes because too much can also add up calories.




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